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Update…3 Years Later!

So, we’ve fast forwarded 3 years and it’s now April 2014…but wait, let’s go back in time to 2012. Into the DeLorean everyone… …Here we are in 2012 and I’ve forgotten enough of the marathon experience to be thinking I … Continue reading

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And the final fundraising total is…

…drumroll… …longer drumroll… …wait for it… … …£4237.02! (And that’s not really the final, final total – I do still have a big tub of coppers to count and take to the bank but I won’t get the chance to … Continue reading

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Marathon Photos

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The Full Story

Okay, the children are in bed, I have internet access and I’m awake enough to type so here it comes…the full story of my marathon journey (cue uplifting yet cheesey music as I subtley brush a tear from my eye, … Continue reading

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Who wants to see my medal?

Taa-daa…. (I have just noticed we have a toy lion hanging from a music stand with a camera around its neck. I wonder why.) My marathon finishing time was…drumroll…6 hours, 11 minutes and 50 seconds. Part of me is slightly … Continue reading

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I’ve done it!

Woohoo! Slower than I’d hoped because it was so hot but I’ve done it! Proper post to follow tomorrow, including a photo of the medal, but for now: Thank you again to everyone who supported me, cheered me on, looked … Continue reading

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2 days to go…

…and I’m back to being scared! That’s normal though, right? It’s more of an excited scared than a totally terrified scared but the fear has definitely crept back in since my last post. This will be my last blog post … Continue reading

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