Update…3 Years Later!

So, we’ve fast forwarded 3 years and it’s now April 2014…but wait, let’s go back in time to 2012. Into the DeLorean everyone…

…Here we are in 2012 and I’ve forgotten enough of the marathon experience to be thinking I wish I’d got round in under 6 hours – I genuinely had put the training in, but it was so hot on the day that running made me feel very sick, hence the 6 hrs 10 mins finishing time. Then I hit on a cunning plan – I’d enter the ballot safe in the knowledge I probably wouldn’t get a place, then I could profess my disappointment when the rejection magazine plopped through the letterbox while secretly being relieved.

Then, the ‘Congratulations, you have a place’ magazine arrived! I felt I couldn’t turn the place down, so I did the next best thing: I deferred it for a year. Part of me wanted to run again to improve my time, but part of me didn’t want to go through all the training especially as I’d promised I’d never ask for money again, so I wouldn’t have the motivation of running for charity.

So I did what any sensible person would do. I decided to run in my wedding dress.

It always seems such a shame that a wedding dress only gets worn once so I figured I might as well do the marathon for enjoyment, run as much as I could but accept that I’d be walking a fair bit, and give the dress an outing. I sewed some tucks into it so it didn’t drag on the ground, teamed it with a fetching blue sports bra, clipped on my runners pouch (not bumbag!) and I was good to go.

That brings us to Sunday 13th April, 2014 – London Marathon day. The sky was gloriously blue, the sun was shining but not burning down, and there was a lovely breeze. The support of the crowds was amazing and I was determined to enjoy the scenery and relish the experience. The dress was easier to run in than I expected and I am delighted to say that I finished in 5 hours 50 minutes – faster in a wedding dress than in proper running gear!

It was a great experience (although long, tiring and painful!) and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take part in the London marathon again but this time I really mean it when I say never, ever again!

Still running! Finished!Medal

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