Who wants to see my medal?


(I have just noticed we have a toy lion hanging from a music stand with a camera around its neck. I wonder why.)

My marathon finishing time was…drumroll…6 hours, 11 minutes and 50 seconds.

Part of me is slightly disappointed because I’d expected to take about 5 and a 1/2 hours, but realistically I know that it was so hot I would have thrown up if I’d run at my normal training speed of 12 minute miles. The crowds were so supportive and really made a huge difference all the way round and it was fantastic to see my husband and brother at the DebRA stand at mile 13. They tried to see me again at Canary Wharf but missed me, but then there they were at mile 25 with a big sign to cheer me on. Did you see the guy with the tiger* on TV? I finished just ahead of him:

My legs and knees ache today but I made it to work okay, and made it around the building without having to be pushed in my swivel chair – I even went up and down staircases. Oooh, talking of going up stairs, I had to go to the Marathon expo on Saturday to pick up my running number and timing chip and spotted this on the wall…

That’s my marathon poem, I wrote that!

Bedtime now I think (didn’t sleep too well last night, I kept having strange half awake, half dreams that my knees were elephants) but who wants to know about female urinals next time I write?

* http://www.exodus.co.uk/One-Pound-Tiger-Found

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1 Response to Who wants to see my medal?

  1. Auntie Hannah says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! As if you couldn’t have done it….well done, I loved seeing the photo updates from Graham, make sure you put loads up on facebook.

    What celeb’s did you see doing it?

    What crazy fancy dress did you see?

    WELL DONE on raising so much money for charity as well – what a SUPERSTAR!! xxx

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