This time next week it will all be over…

Dear Weather God,

please will you make it a bit cooler and cloudier next Sunday? If you could add a breeze that is always coming from behind whichever direction I’m running in, maybe more of a powerful wind to help push me along, that would be great. In the meantime I’m loving the warm, dry weather so why not have a rest and leave it as it is until Sunday?

Love and kisses, Nicki

I did a 5 mile run this morning (5 circuits of the Dog Lady route) which went fine despite the lingering lurgy, but it was quite warm and by the time I finished my face was bright pink. And I mean bright – no gently glowing complexion for me, more of a Belisha beacon effect. I’m not holding out much hope of looking good in my triumphant passing-the-finishing-post photo.

I wish I looked like this when I run...

...sadly this is nearer the truth!

Still no photo of me in my marathon gear, sorry. Do you really want to see it? I’m not convinced about wearing the skirt: the negatives are that it looks silly; the positives are that it’s comfortable and has 2 roomy pockets that I can use to stash extra Jelly Babies in. Maybe I’ll wear it and airbrush it out of any photos afterwards. Comments and opinions welcome!

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1 Response to This time next week it will all be over…

  1. Auntie Hannah says:

    Wear the skirt you!! I can’t be there to see it in person so I want LOTS of pictures! xx

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