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Marathon Photos


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The Full Story

Okay, the children are in bed, I have internet access and I’m awake enough to type so here it comes…the full story of my marathon journey (cue uplifting yet cheesey music as I subtley brush a tear from my eye, … Continue reading

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Who wants to see my medal?

Taa-daa…. (I have just noticed we have a toy lion hanging from a music stand with a camera around its neck. I wonder why.) My marathon finishing time was…drumroll…6 hours, 11 minutes and 50 seconds. Part of me is slightly … Continue reading

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I’ve done it!

Woohoo! Slower than I’d hoped because it was so hot but I’ve done it! Proper post to follow tomorrow, including a photo of the medal, but for now: Thank you again to everyone who supported me, cheered me on, looked … Continue reading

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2 days to go…

…and I’m back to being scared! That’s normal though, right? It’s more of an excited scared than a totally terrified scared but the fear has definitely crept back in since my last post. This will be my last blog post … Continue reading

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4 days to go…

You know the walking-to-the-dance-floor dance made famous by Peter Kay? I suddenly realised the other day that my running style more than slightly resembles it; a kind of self-conscious shamble, not quite following any rhythm or showing any style, but … Continue reading

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This time next week it will all be over…

Dear Weather God, please will you make it a bit cooler and cloudier next Sunday? If you could add a breeze that is always coming from behind whichever direction I’m running in, maybe more of a powerful wind to help … Continue reading

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