Why am I doing this?

Okay, please can someone remind me again why I’m signed up for an event where they have to put info like this in the official magazine:


On a much nicer note, my fantastic sister-in-law who lives in Dubai is joining me in doing a marathon! She won’t be running as she has EB and her feet blister at the slightest pressure so she’s walking a marathon each week from now until the London marathon. She is also far more photogenic than me: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/general/walking-in-the-pain-to-raise-funds-for-charity-1.785436

I saw this on the BBC News website earlier: scientists have discovered that gravity is stronger in some parts of the earth than others…why am I not surprised that England is one of the places where it is strongest? No wonder it sometimes feels like my feet are glued to the floor when I run…

Anyone sat there thinking about sponsoring me? Do it, do it, please! If you click on the Virgin Money Giving link at the top right of this page you can donate, find out more about why I’m running, and get a lovely heart-shaped felt badge sent to a friend all in one easy move. Thank you if you have already donated – your money really will make a difference to the lives of people with EB and you should feel proud of yourself.

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