Bad dreams

I’ve had a variety of dreams about the marathon recently, all with one thing in common: I get to London no problem, then realise on the morning of the marathon that I haven’t brought any of my running clothing/shoes/other vital things with me. This does not make for a restful slumber. Alas a self-indulgent grumpy mood first thing in the morning is out of the question as my children both go from sleep to refreshed wakefulness at the crack of dawn in under a second* so I have to be alert and relatively chirpy to keep up with them.

In reality I shouldn’t forget anything important as I have A List of Things To Remember that I have been adding to over the past few weeks and is now reaching almost comedy proportions. Any items you can think of that I might want to add? Let me know!

On a different note, I think I may need to change the way I apply moisturiser after buying this earlier:

The box on the right came inside the clear packaging on the left

Microwaving moisturiser??

I did try taking a photo of myself in my running clothes earlier but it was so awful I deleted it. I’ll try again tomorrow, but even with the best photographer in the world I don’t think I’ll be asked to head London Fashion Week!

*that may be a slight exaggeration…

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1 Response to Bad dreams

  1. Auntie Hannah says:

    How many lucky charms will you be taking with you?!

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