Beautiful day

Wasn’t the weather amazing today? I did my long run before lunch and set off wearing my fleece jacket…well that stayed on for about 5 minutes then spent the rest of the time tied round my waist!

It was my first run wearing my marathon ensemble and might I say that I looked more like a 70s throwback on my way to a hippy concert than an elite athlete, man. I was so impressed with my compression calf guards that I bought a pair of full length Skins compression running tights – no idea if they do make a physical difference but they certainly make a psychological one. I wanted to wear something on top of them because they are, well, tight, but couldn’t find any irresistable shorts in the shops so I settled on a lightweight skirt that was in the Fat Face sale in Gunwharf Quays which is perfectly comfortable to run in…but is a tie-dyed pink and purple design and doesn’t exactly scream style and sophistication. By the time this has been teamed with my purple DebRA running vest and grey tights, runner’s pouch (still not a bumbag thank you) and light blue baseball cap I look as though I’ve been dressed by a 2 year old. But hey, it’s comfortable so I’m happy…and the skirt has got pockets that I can stash extra jelly babies in which can only be a good thing.

Photo to follow if you promise not to laugh…

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1 Response to Beautiful day

  1. Auntie Hannah says:

    We neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a photo!!

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