220 bpm

So there I was at the gym the other evening, casually pootling along on the bike at a relatively easy intensity level when I glanced down at the heart rate display on the screen … and it read 220 bpm. “Hang on,” thought I “that sounds slightly high – shouldn’t I have fallen off the bike or something by now?”

…”Hang on again,” thought I, “I’m not even connected to the heart rate monitor!”

It turns out that sending or receiving text messages is enough to get the heart rate display racing! Slightly concerned that it even registers numbers as high as 220, but also pleased with myself for working out it was texting that woke it up. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Did I mention a few weeks ago that I was in The Informer magazine? I did? What was that? You’d like to see it again because the text was a bit hard to read in the photo of it I uploaded when it first came out? Oh, go on then, just for you:

Pause while I revel in my five minutes of fame…

Thank you all for the suggestions of things to shout out at the 24 mile mark; I’ll make my final decision when I get there!

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2 Responses to 220 bpm

  1. Christian says:

    hows the training going and did you manage your 18 mile run?
    Still hoping to see you at the start line!

    • Nicki says:

      I didn’t try the 18 miler – too scared of injuring myself so took it quite easy and did about 13 but the cross training is going well. No Hollyoaks stars at my gym alas! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, it would be great to see you at the start line!

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