Progress update

Firstly, knee injury…

Well it all seems to be good – my knee now bends and I can walk up stairs normallyish, so I’m feeling good. I still feel a bit like Bambi when he first tries to stand whenever I walk but have no pain and no swelling so I’m going to ease myself back into running next week. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

The timing sucks as this weekend coming is meant to be the longest run before training starts tapering in the run up to The Marathon (cue dramatic music) but I don’t think it would be a wise idea for me to risk it and end up doing further damage. I never thought I’d be saying this but I am immensely disappointed not to be running 18 miles! I’ve still got 4 weeks to make a full recovery though and until I’m running again you will mostly be finding me at the swimming pool splashing up and down with my trusty float.

Photo taken by my 3 year old. An example of me moving so fast I'm just a blur??


Secondly, fundraising…

Thanks to the fantastic Michael Conjack I have now raised over £2500 (which is over £3000 including gift aid). How amazing is that? Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, eaten charity cake or tuck shop snacks at work, or bought (or sold) heart badges. THANK YOU ALL!

(Only £500 to go before I reach my target if anyone is interested, hint hint!)

Here’s a reminder of why I am fundraising:  I’ve been sat here for ages trying to think how to explain the importance of the charity DebRA but nothing I could say compares to that link.

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