Ups and downs

Well, the lovely news is that someone I have never met sponsored me after reading the article in The Informer. This is the comment she left:

“12.03.11 Hi Nicky, i read about your fundraising in the informer and am keen to sponser you as my mother had and brother has EB.Mum died a few years ago , but my brother is fit and well (he struggles with his feet)and running his own civil engineering business”

Thank you so much!

So that was the up. The down? I’ve done something to my right knee and it does not feel good.

I did my long run yesterday, which was boring but fine (I confess that I got so bored I phoned home with a couple of miles to go to ask for a lift, but got told firmly to carry on!). I eventually grumped my way home about 10 billion minutes later, feeling tired but otherwise okay and headed for the shower.

It was a couple of hours later that I realised my knee felt a bit tight and uncomfortable but not until I knelt on the floor (to look at a friend’s baby stick insects, naturally) that I realised Houston, I had a problem. Luckily I managed to get back up almost instantly using the sofa as leverage but over the next 2 hours my knee swelled up and felt very soft and squidgy to touch which I’m assuming is Not a Good Thing.

The swelling subsided quickly and now my knee looks pretty much normal but I can still tell it’s squidgy if I prod it. It’s uncomfortable when I bend it more than a few degrees so getting down on the floor is only possible if I can use furniture to lower myself down and hoick myself back up and I have to sit with my leg almost straight out in front of me, like it’s a comedy prop and someone is about to come riding along on a bike, carrying a watermelon, ready to somersault over the leg, into a truck full of chickens and probably through a pane of glass that 2 men will be coincidentally be carrying through the room.

My knee doesn’t hurt but it definitely lets me know if I try to move in a way it doesn’t want to – going up or down stairs requires both feet going on each step in the way toddlers do. I tried to self-diagnose the injury using the trusty internet but I’m very squeamish about the insides of knees (my knee cap has shifted out of place for a split second a couple of times in the past then popped back into place, and the pain is awful – worse than anything else I’ve ever felt. Can’t remember which knee it is though) and even the thought of knee problems makes me feel more than slightly sick, so I had to stop looking. Any idea what’s wrong with it, and what the best treatment is?

I’ll have to see a doctor about it but in the meantime running is definitely out, and I think the exercise bike at the gym might involve more leg-bending than feels comfortable. So swimming it is!

I can still walk, so even if running is out of the question for a little while I will still be completing the marathon, just at a slightly slower pace than I hoped for.


Joke time: How do pirates know they’re pirates? They think therefore they aaarrrrrrr!

Please send me reassuring comments and advice…about the knee situation that is, not about the standard of my jokes!

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6 Responses to Ups and downs

  1. Here’s a relevant joke to make you smile…what do you call a man with no shins? Tony!

  2. Oh no you’re injured now too!
    Does it hurt on the outside of your knee (the boney bit) when you go downstairs? In which case it would sound like ITBS which is what I have.

    • It’s a strange feeling – more tightness and discomfort than pain, and on the inside front of the knee so I’m hoping it’s not ITBS…and I’ve just realised I’m sat here (at work) rubbing my knees/thighs like Vic Reeves in Shooting Stars! It feels much better today so I’m hoping a few days rest will help then I’ll try a tentative run later in the week. How is your ITBS?

      • Christian says:

        I’ve been resting it for the last week and a half apart from Cross Training in the Gym – on the bikes etc that doesnt irritate it. Going to get back on the feet this weekend, but will definitely not be able to reach my target of a 20 mile run before the mara. How many miles are you up to?

  3. I was aiming for an 18 miler this coming weekend but it’s not going to happen now. It doesn’t feel anywhere near strong enough to run on but I’m hoping swimming will help. Good luck – you’ve worked so hard, you deserve to be able to run properly.

    • Same to you.

      What all the physio’s have said to me is, whilst the longest run I have done is only 13 miles – you’re much better off getting to the start line injury free than trying to cram in the last few weeks.

      Saying that, I am going to try a 2 mile run on Friday evening, if thats ok, then Saturday a 4 mile, then Sunday a 6 miler – Icing after each run. Fingers crossed, building up like that will allow me to do a straight 15 mile run the weekend after then start tapering. Its not what I was hoping to get up to but the most important thing is finishing for all those people who have sponsored me!

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