Well. I’m there. I’ve reached a state of calm about The Marathon. I have no idea how long it will last, but my anxiety finally peaked  and then fell away so now I even have moments of looking forward to the run.

(These moments tend to coincide with me sitting down. Alas I have yet to experience one while running.)

I had hoped that during the run-up (ha!) to The Marathon I would metamorphosize into a real runner. I have several friends who run for fun and genuinely enjoy it but sadly I have now accepted that I will never join them – I, my friends, am staying as a caterpillar despite my best efforts to become a butterfly.

The dislike of running has been worrying me for a while so I’m dealing with it by increasing the amount of cross-training I do, so that even if I crash round the streets of London like an elephant among gazelles I will be doing it with a high level of core fitness that should get me to the end.

Which leads me neatly(ish) on to endorphins. I’m not sure if it was the realisation that although I was bored with cycling after 45 minutes on the bike at the gym Wednesday evening I could have kept going for a lot longer (and I’m assuming the same applies to running) that gave me a mental high or if I really did have actual endorphins flying around inside me but I felt GREAT! All through the day at work on Thursday I was annoyingly chirpy and had to resist the urge to go round hugging people. Does this sound like the effects of endorphins? Whatever it was, more please!

I like this, it’s how I imagine my endorphins should look when they’re not AWOL. This article made me laugh as well (although upstanding member of the community that I am I would prefer it without the occasional swear words).

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