More publicity!

Check this out: page 5 of the March issue of The Informer, a glossy local magazine…


(Embarrassingly I’ve had to resort to taking a photo of the article from the online edition as I can’t work out how to copy it into this post, and the print edition has not yet arrived. Let’s choose to see that as impressive problem solving rather than substandard technical skills…)

Please form an orderly queue for autographs.

It is my son’s 6th birthday today – his 2 best presents are a whoopee cushion (thanks Carolyn!) and the Lego set I mentioned in a previous post that was on top of his birthday cake.  I had to miss a training run today because I didn’t have time to fit it in but as I’m still aching from the gym I don’t think that will do any harm, especially as I’ll be out for my long run starting at 8am tomorrow. Yes, 8am on a Saturday does really exist! I’ve got a feeling that tomorrow will be the day when the elusive endorphins finally appear, mumbling excuses about where they’ve been, so please keep your fingers crossed for me…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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One Response to More publicity!

  1. Amazing cake – amazing publicity – amazing runner (soon!!!) xxx

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