…hang on while I get a cup of tea…

Sadly the KitKat Chunky Nutrition Plan has come to an end (somebody has eaten them all, no idea who, ahem) but I’m pleased to announce it has been replaced with the Cadbury’s Chocolate Finger Plan.

I’m complementing this with an unscientific attempt to increase my iron levels (via the easiest route of eating more red meat). Unfortunately this has been twinned with the onset of evil hayfever which makes me feel tired so I can’t tell if the increased iron is having any positive effect, but I did find my long run at the weekend easier than I expected. I had intended to go down the carb loading route the evening before the run but ended up with takeaway curry which I don’t believe is the traditionally recommended pre-run food, but seemed to do the trick!

Every year I forget how rubbish hayfever makes me feel and also how early in the year it starts. There is a hazel tree behind our garden with hundreds of catkins on it, each taunting me with their horrible airborne pollen before they drop evilly into the garden and lie there sniggering. Sigh. It’s affected my training quite badly because I’ve been going to bed at about half past 8 almost every night for the past week, which means no evening gym or swimming sessions but now at last the pills, Beconase and eye drops have all kicked in and I feel mostly normal again. Phew!

Anyway, that’s enough thinking about anything to do with the marathon for now, what else shall we talk about? How about the fact that I am Table Football Champion of the day, woohoo! I normally get soundly beaten by the 5 year old who seems to have an innate talent for it but today it was a 9-7 victory to me. And even more impressively he was very gracious about losing, especially as he hadn’t expected to so had told me I could have the Haribo sweets his friend gave him if I won.

On a serious note, thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me (back to the marathon now, not table football!). If you’re not sure why I’m running please take a look at to find out more about the charity DebRA. It’s all about helping people, especially babies and children, with the genetic skin condition EB that causes painful blistering at the slightest touch. If you haven’t seen it please have a look at their BBC Lifeline appeal and you’ll understand why I’m running. The clip says so much more than I ever could.

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3 Responses to Nutrition

  1. G says:

    Sounds like a table football tournament is in order this weekend – all entry fees to DebRA?

  2. Peter Kaye says:

    Standard Cadbury’s Fingers or Les Cadbury’s Fingres?
    You blog following public need to know.

  3. Auntie Hannah says:

    Just watched that lifeline and couldn’t help shedding quite a few tears…keep going Nicki, its all so worthwhile xx

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