Ooh, new strategy

I have reluctantly abandoned the helium balloon idea for getting me through the marathon [insert your own pun here about it being an idea that just didn’t float]  in favour of a different tactic.

Drumroll please for my new marathon plan….

I am scared of robots* and wasps**. There is bound to be someone dressed up as at least one of these, so all I need to do is position myself in front of them at the start line, my fight-or-flight response will kick in and I’ll run, run like the wind to get away from them! What do you think? It could work!

Anyone want a reminder of the reason I’m running? Take a look at http://www.debra.org.uk/isla-s-story.html – that’s why I need your help to raise £3000. If reading my blog has made you smile at all please sponsor me at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NickiClarkson

*Yes, I’m even scared of Metal Mickey, remember him? The scariest ones are those with robotic voices, like the ’20 seconds to comply’ one from Robocop, and Shockwave from the cartoon version of Transformers. Oh, and Daleks of course (but not the new pastel coloured ones, they’re just silly). I’m not scared of any of the Autobots or R2D2. I am a little bit scared of the ones in the old Smash advert too…

** ‘Stand still and they won’t bother you’ – yeah, right!

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2 Responses to Ooh, new strategy

  1. Do you like this robot?

    Thanks for sending that link of the little girl, really really sad 😦


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