The Wall

I was not in the mood for running today. Tried to jolly myself out of it but honestly, I had the most sullen and grumpy mental state ever – it was like I had both Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter in my head:

The Henry part of me: “Stupid running. Stupid pavement. Stupid shoes.”
The Perfect Peter part of me: “Oh, but at least it’s not raining, and there are some sparrows in that hedge, aren’t they lovely?”
The Henry part: “Stupid sparrows. Stupid weather. Stupid marathon.”
The Peter part: “Ah, and now the sun’s come out – it’s like a sign to carry on!”
The Henry part: “Stupid sun. Stupid everything. Oh look, there’s someone running lithely and without effort coming towards me. Let’s give them a big SCOWL.”
The Peter part: “No, no, smile at them, applaud their effort…”

And so it went on for a couple of miles of half-hearted running with my baseball cap jammed as far down on my head as I could get it…then I became aware of a real problem. Let’s just say I had an underwear malfunction that I couldn’t sort out in public and it was too uncomfortable to run so I walked a mile or so (Henry: “walking – result!”) to a garden centre to use their toilets.

Then as I came out of the garden centre and turned round to head for home my mood almost visibly lifted. If I was a cartoon character a black cloud would have vanished from above my head. So the first Running Wall that I’ve hit is one totally of my own making – I don’t like running in a direction away from home! Mentally I’m fine on short runs, but on future long runs I’m going to get someone to drive me to a set point and drop me off to find my way home, then I can run the whole distance without Horrid Henry in my head.

I’m carrying a shoulder injury at the moment caused by a wayward swing at the playground (no children were harmed, just me!) but the good news is my shins felt better thanks to a nifty stretch my brother told me about. And I’m developing a taste for Ribena, which I’ve never liked before!

I took Jelly Babies with me today although to be honest I probably wasn’t trying hard enough for the first part of the run to need additional energy (Henry: “yeah, but it was nice biting their stupid heads off”; Peter: “oooh, and they tasted so lovely”). My bumbag Runner’s Pouch isn’t quite big enough to fit everything I need in so I’ll have to make something to clip onto it to hold my food stash.

Oh, and I spotted my mum walking in the distance when I was on the more successful part of the run so I sped up to catch up (ooh, can I officially count that as interval training??) and it was very lovely to see her. Hello Mum, love you!

I enlisted the help of my 5 year old to take some publicity photos of me wearing some of my fundraising heart badges (details at
 if anyone wants a reminder…) as I will hopefully (all fingers crossed!) be in a local magazine soon. Who wants to write me a caption for this one?

(On an unrelated note, how good was Vanilla Ice dancing to Ice Ice Baby on Dancing on Ice? Loved it!)

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