Ice ice baby!

Today I had my first ever ice bath, does that make me a real athlete now?

I went for a 3 mile run this morning which kind of went okay but my lower legs still hurt more than I think they should, so a fair bit of walking was involved. I’ve been reading online training guides and blogs that other (proper) marathon runners have been writing and it seems that ice baths are the way to go to speed recovery times and reduce aching.

So armed with a cup of tea and wearing a fleece jacket, I lowered myself into about 4 inches of very cold water. To start with it did not feel good – I’m not the sort of person who runs into the sea with relish and I was moving veeeerrrry gingerly whilst doing the sort of puffing and panting breathing you’re meant to do while giving birth until I was sat down. After a minute or so it kind of felt good in a strange way, as long as I sat absolutely still so that the water didn’t lap around me and touch unacclimatised bits of skin! Will it make a difference? I’ll keep you posted…

Anyway, back to marathon tactics…I know you’re not allowed wheels on the course, so I can’t roller skate it, but would I be allowed helium balloons? And how many would I need to allow me to leap gracefully along the course as though I was on the moon? Hmmm, worth investigating…

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4 Responses to Ice ice baby!

  1. grandad says:

    Nice Legs!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bro says:

    Ice baths?! Don’t believe everything you read on the web 😉

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