I don’t run, run, run

Oh dear. Oh waily waily.

I set out for a run this morning feeling really positive. I was even thinking to myself “it’s only 3 miles” without a hint of sarcasm (never thought that day would come!). The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it wasn’t raining, I’d had a nutritionally sound breakfast a couple of hours before and I felt good.

I was going to do 3 laps of the Dog Lady route, but right from the start my shins felt uncomfortable, and within half a mile they were properly hurting. I totally wasn’t expecting it – I had a positive mindset and felt rested and strong when I went out and really expected to do well. It was so bad that I looked down to check I had the right trainers on.

I ran on for a bit but it hurt in a ‘you’re damaging yourself’ way so I called it a day and came home after 2 laps, then it hurt some more when I did some stretches.

I’m so surprised and demoralised. I still haven’t got to the point where I enjoy running, and my endorphins are still AWOL, but I thought I was doing okay. Oh waily waily waily!

The only thing I did differently today was not have a cup of tea before breakfast. Surely lack of tea can’t cause shin pain??

I grumped around the house for a bit then vented my anger cleaning a Lego set that I’d bought from Ebay. Believe me, that’s not usually the sort of thing you’ll find me doing, but it’s to go on top of my son’s 6th birthday cake so I thought I’d better clean it. That cheered me up a bit, then I walked to the bank and paid in some charity money from the sale of heart badges (thank you Julie, Sheila and Carolyn for selling them for me!) which also cheered me up. Then I collected the little one from pre-school and played Princesses Getting Married (her choice – I was angling more for Guess Who) until it was time to collect the bigger one from school (his first day back after being off sick for 2 days), then I simultaneously played Princesses and Lego football until I successfully merged the games and left them to it!

New nutritional strategy tonight involving a KitKat Chunky and a Wispa. I will run again tomorrow after work, hopefully with no pain…which of course would be an endorsement of the new nutritional technique and a sign that I should continue it!

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3 Responses to I don’t run, run, run

  1. Sorry to hear you’re in pain Nicki…I’d like to think it is due to lack of tea! Get that tea in you hun and keep going…you’re doing so well xx

  2. Bro says:

    Ah, the Cook family shin splints. I used to get these really bad. When they happen, try standing with your toes on the pavement and push your weight down on your heels. Bizarrely the splints are caused by your calf muscles seizing up and they need a good stretch. I found 2 or 3 runs doing this about 10 minutes into the run fixed me for life.

    I can also recommend Peanut Power Bars. They’re badged to look like they’re scientifically designed for sporty stuff but they taste exactly like Snickers. Awesome! xx

    • Oooh, that’s interesting to know – I randomly do that sort of stretch at home on the bottom stair, but tend to fall off (I know, innate grace and charm) so don’t do it consistently.

      Really not sure about eating anything like Snickers while running. I think my stomach might object. Any other ideas?? I don’t think I’ll have any spare energy to chew! xxx

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