I do run run run, I do run run!

Training schedule for today suggested an 8 mile run. My legs suggested we watch a DVD, especially as it was windy and rainy out, and it would be far nicer to sit indoors and eat Mini Eggs. I suggested they start cooperating or I’d make it a 9 miler, so off we set. I fear my running style today resembled more an elephant crashing through the bush that the elegant gazelle I was hoping for, but at least I made it!

My original plan had been to get someone to drive me to a point 8 miles away, then I would be forced to run home. However, I woke up this morning with a cold, feeling rough, so I decided to do 8 laps of a 1 mile circuit that starts at the end of the road instead, that way if I did feel really rubbish I could get home easily.

I travelled light today; no phone or iPod, but did fill my water bottle with Ribena – I need to get my stomach used to dealing with carb gels when I start doing proper long runs so thought Ribena would be a good start as I find it sickly sweet unless it’s over diluted. I also figured the vitamin C in it would give me a psychological boost in fighting off the lurgy, and a friend told me that blackcurrant juice is meant to be very effective at reducing muscle inflammation pre and post exercise. No idea if it’s because I was taking it easy running today, or if the Ribena helped, but my legs don’t ache as much as normal and I can even walk downstairs normally instead of crab-style clinging on to the bannister!

What do runners do when they forget something?

They jog their memory…boom boom!

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2 Responses to I do run run run, I do run run!

  1. Here’s another running joke for you…

    Q. How do crazy runners go through the forest?
    A. They take the psycho path.


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