What do you do if you see a spaceman?

…Park in it, man!

So then, stretching. Should I be? The consensus seems to be that stretching before exercising can lead to injury as the muscles are not warmed up, but I’ve read compelling arguments for and against stretching after exercise. At the moment I’m doing a few post-run exercises (well, not at this exact moment but you know what I mean) including the ballet-style Good Toes, Naughty Toes as I wouldn’t object to having legs like a ballerina and figure it’s not going to do any harm!

It was raining when I ran this morning. I had a bit of a delay getting out of the house because I couldn’t find my baseball cap, but eventually located it loitering sullenly behind a door. Along with my enthusiam, strangely enough… It was hills again today and I tried to vary my speed a bit – and yes I do mean different running speeds, not walking, thank you very much! I did walk a bit but only down the steep hill for fear this will happen:

Frame 1

Uh-oh, what are those cracks appearing beneath my feet…

Frame 2


Quite a few people have said that they’ve seen me out running recently, and they all said I was genuinely running, not walking. Well, all but one if I’m going to be totally honest (hi Sharon!), but that’s still a pretty high run rate!

I posted my last batch of Valentine’s Day heart badges earlier. If anyone else wants one I will post them tomorrow (Saturday) so they should arrive on Valentine’s Day – all details at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NickiClarkson

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m off to watch Cake Boss,
But I’ll be back soon!

(As ever, all poems, jokes and drawings welcome if only to spare you from my efforts – email me at charitybadges@hotmail.co.uk)

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