I lapped someone when I was out running yesterday! Admittedly it was a lady walking her dog, and I was doing a circuit of less than a mile but we’ll gloss over those bits of information.

It was slightly precarious overtaking her the second time as we were on a narrow path and she had a bag in her hand that I assume contained…dog product, shall we say. She was understandably holding the bag as far from her side as she could which effectively blocked my way, so I used that as an excuse to slow down and walk a little way behind her until the path widened out, then seized the opportunity to pick up speed and run past. I know I could have got closer to her and politely asked to pass, but that would still have taken me closer to the bag than I would have liked, so I think I made the right choice!

It was cold and very foggy when I was running. After about a mile my hair was soaking wet from the moisture in the air and I most definitely did not look like I had just stepped out of a salon. Stepped through a hedge backwards, maybe.

Does anyone know how to put a song on repeat on an iPod? I actually found it annoying yesterday that I had to stop, get the iPod out of my runner’s pouch (not bumbag, thank you) and press the back button. This is progress – normally I grasp any chance to stop with both hands…maybe I’m turning into a real runner. Still no signs of those elusive endorphins though.

No picture today, who wants to draw me one? Entries to charitybadges@hotmail.co.uk please! A picture of what you imagine endorphins to look like could be good.

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One Response to Woohoo!

  1. Apple(R) tech support says:

    Yes! I can help set a single song on repeat.
    3 special steps, that’s what you need.
    Step 1 – pick song and make as a playlist (on iTunes).
    Step 2 – synch iPod
    Step 3 – set that playlist on repeat and off you go.

    Hope this helps, and keep up with all the hard work, excellent fund raising and good blogging.


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