My lucky day?

Woohoo, I’ve got another mystery sponsor. Thank you so much Four Leaf Clover, whoever you are, you’ve made my day.

I did a long run yesterday…well, long for me. 5 miles and of course the wind was against me the whole way but my average speed was 4.7 miles an hour which I’m happy with. It would have been faster but there was a hill in my path that really should be reclassified as a mountain – my legs took one look at it and flat out refused to run. This is how steep and long it is:

See what I mean? I will tackle it at some point, maybe on a day when the wind is behind me!

Right, I’m off to call out very random answers to University Challenge. I’m more of a Blockbusters girl, but any excuse to shout at the TV is good.

(Very pleased Vanilla Ice is still in Dancing on Ice – go Vanilla!)

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2 Responses to My lucky day?

  1. As you seem to be such a big Vanilla Ice fan – and you spend a lot of time listening to your ipod whilst running how about you learn the lyrics to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ I personally am a big fan of the song and can rap the first verse…without the lyrics.

    Challenge Nicki! x

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