Hills and things

I have discovered an unexpected side effect to running – it makes my legs fidget when I’m sat down for more than a couple of minutes. It’s to do with my calf muscles but I have no idea why. I would prefer it if my legs would put their effort into running instead of fidgeting…maybe I’ll start running in my sleep. Ahh, that would be amazing if I could do all my training whilst sleeping!

Training today involved hills, and here is a photo as evidence:

It’s very steep, isn’t it? I did fine running up (it takes about 30 seconds so isn’t that much of an endurance test) but after only a few steps of thudding down the other side I decided walking down might be a better idea – I know my uber trainers are meant to be able to absorb any shock I can throw at them but I felt like I was landing like a ton of bricks which can’t be good! I ran up and strolled down then ran up and strolled down then ran up and strolled down for another 10 minutes, then ran home and had a piece of chocolate cake. I’m sure that was in the official training plan somewhere…


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One Response to Hills and things

  1. grandma sheila says:

    I think you should stop now you’re looking a bit too thin

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