Say cheese!

So today found me running across a field with heart badges pinned to my top, grinning inanely, heading towards a photographer…from the Daily Echo!

Do you think I am:

a) slightly excited

b) fairly excited

c) very immensely incredibly excited and wanting to overuse exclamation marks!!!!!!!

I’ve had an internal struggle about whether I should mention this to anyone just in case the story doesn’t get printed, but as long as it’s a slow news week I should be featured at some point, hopefully with photo (hopefully with decent photo that doesn’t make me look ike a lunatic!) to get some extra publicity for DebRA and my fundraising. Woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Please, if you live in the Southampton area don’t do anything interesting over the next few days that will get my story bumped!)

This is what was going through my mind when I was running. This is not what I looked like!

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4 Responses to Say cheese!

  1. The 'Hoff says:


  2. grandma sheila says:

    can’t wait to see you in the Echo Nicki

    when are you going to run to work???

  3. Did you make the papers?!

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