Something about going for a walk

Guess what I did today? I went for a walk, on a winters day (can you name that song in one?)

It was lovely – my official training for today was a 90 minute ramble so I walked the 7 miles to my inlaws house for lunch. The sky was blue, the birds were singing in the trees and it was even warm enough to take my jacket off when I was in the sun (if anyone was driving from Botley to Wickham and saw someone displaying a big £5 sticker on the back of their jacket that would have been me, as I realised about 5 miles into the walk!). It was the kind of day where you feel like bursting into song or writing poetry, made even lovelier by the fact I didn’t have to do any running. I did run a bit of it just to get there a bit quicker so I also have that lovely smug feeling you get from doing extra exercise. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

On a more serious note, my 3 year old noticed a collection tin from the charity DebRA on our staircase. On the side it has a photo of a little girl with blistered sores on her face and body, caused by the genetic condition EB. My daughter said to me “that baby’s got hurts on her face” and when I explained why, and why I had the collection tin, she immediately asked if she could put some of her money in it to help make the baby’s hurts better.

That is why I am running the marathon to raise £3000 for DebRA.

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