Thank you computer for still working after I dropped you earlier, thank you, thank you! How did it happen, I hear you cry. Picture the scene…

I’d pressed the button to turn the computer off but sometimes if you put the screen down (it’s a laptop) before it shuts down totally it goes into a zombie mode where it doesn’t do anything useful but uses up all the battery power doing something mysterious. So I was carrying it with one hand holding the bottom bit and one hand holding the screen and I tripped over my foot (yep, that’s about the extent of my athletic prowess)… and dropped it.

All together now, slow motion style “NOOOOOOOOO!”. The screen slammed shut when it hit the ground and when I gingerly opened it my heart sank as I saw it had brown marks all over it. Had I broken the screen beyond repair? Would it ever work again?

…Or had hundreds of chocolate and biscuit crumbs been dislodged from between the keys on impact, and stuck to the screen by static making it look damaged?? Phew! No idea how the crumbs would have got there in the first place though, ahem.

I went for my allotted 20 minute training run this morning – all good but I must conquer the tendency to stop running whenever I get bored. I was listening to an Eddie Izzard podcast which definitely kept the boredom at bay but I realised at one point that I was running along giggling out loud.  I see other people going running and they seem to have a long, effortless loping pace that makes you think of graceful animals like gazelles. Unfortunately my running looks more like some shambling Monty Python character, especially when coupled with the unrestrained giggling. Maybe I should get myself a pair of coconut halves and pretend I’m riding a horse.

I’ve been experimenting with some different designs for the heart badges, what do you think?

Love them? Want them? You can either click on the Sponsor Me link on the right or go to to find out all you need to know. If there’s a particular style of badge you want then let me know, or I can send out a random lucky dip one!

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2 Responses to Phew!

  1. Love the image of you running and laughing – I should send you some audio from my breakfast show, not sure though if that would make you laugh…or cry! haha…KEEP AT IT! xx

  2. Tom says:

    Badges are cool! i still need to speak to ben/paul here about sponsorship!!!!!!!x

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