Oh yeah, this post is going to be purely about my training. I’m not going to get distracted and write about anything else. Ooh, Dancing on Ice is on…

Marathon training plan for today: walk/jog for 1 hour, with more jogging than walking. I shared this plan with my legs:

Legs: umm…how’s this for a suggestion: if we walk more than we run, then we don’t have to go so far. Simples!
Me: But the idea is to increase the distance I run, to prepare for the marathon, remember?
Legs: Oh yeah. Well, seeing as it’s so cold outside how about we change the plan a little bit and run for 5 minutes and then go home?
Me: No. Now get running.
Legs: Mutter mutter mutter…

I jog/walked as far as the motorway which took 25 minutes, then turned round and ran back the way I came. So much faster on the home stretch! I had to keep adding extra bits to my route to take it up to the allotted hour. If this keeps up I’ll be faster in the second half of the marathon than the first…

I did walk a bit, probably a lot more than I needed to, but I could have kept going with the jog/walk for a lot lot longer, which has to be a good thing. Let’s see what my average speed was today…

[Pause as I open up a new internet browser and promptly forget what I wanted to look up. Further pause as I have a quick look at the BBC news website, then get transfixed watching Dancing on Ice, then go and make a cup of tea. Extended pause while I reply to a text message, then finally remember what I was doing]

…and I’m back in the room! So according to my average speed was 4.5mph today – not bad, when you factor in the unnecessary walking. I’m in a really bad habit of slowing to a walk to cross every road, even if it would be perfectly safe to carry on running, so I must work on that. However, I have conquered my fear of running downhill that was sparked by my Bad Trainers so on the whole I’m feeling pretty positive about the running aspect of the marathon, although this is of course subject to change (terms and conditions apply, the value of my running may go down as well as up etc).

I was talking to someone the other day who said they are reluctant to help me fundraise because they don’t like asking people for money. Just for the record, neither do I! So thank you everyone who has sponsored me or supported me in any way – I appreciate it more than you know, and genuinely believe that the money you are helping me raise will make a difference to the quality of life for people with EB. Thank you all.

On that note I’m off to make some more heart brooches (as seen on – I’ve had an idea for a new design. If it looks good I’ll post a photo later, but for now who remembers these guys?

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3 Responses to Training

  1. Patricia says:

    The Break Your PR plan over at is the best marathon training program I’ve yet seen. You should check it out. Good luck!

  2. Chris and Gabby says:

    Zig-amond et Zag-amond.

    Boo-yakka all night long.

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