Why did the toilet roll go down the hill?

…because it wanted to get to the bottom!

(Oh dear, I’m afraid that might set the tone for the rest of this post. Memo to self: you are a grown up, you are a grown up…)

I am currently amused by an idea I’ve seen on Twitter (by Photojojo), can’t believe I’ve never thought of it myself: take photos of your friends with their face squished against glass then assign to your phone contacts and it will look like they’re trapped inside your phone. Love it!

Marathon training is definitely getting slightly easier; this morning I ran to the Post Office collection place (I’m sure it has a catchier name than that but you know what I mean) which is approximately 1.76 miles away (according to the brilliant www.runwalkjog.net), picked up my parcel and ran home. Admittedly I did walk for some of it but when I got home my calves didn’t ache which is major progress so YAY!

I felt like a cartoon character running along with my parcel held in front of me with both hands. I should have written ACME on the front…

I saw this on the Daily Echo website and couldn’t help laughing.

I’ve hopefully got some good news on the fundraising front (see http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NickiClarkson  for a reminder of how and why I’m raising money) but I don’t want to count my chickens so will report back next week. Please keep fingers crossed for me though…and of course if you fancy sponsoring me £2 you can justifiably feel very smug about doing a Good Thing and helping an amazing charity.

What’s that, you’d like another joke? Okay then, what’s brown and sticky?

…a brown stick! Sigh, the old ones are the best!

(No photos today so sorry if it looks a bit drab. Anyone want to send me one to put in my next post? Contributions to charitybadges@hotmail.co.uk please!)

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2 Responses to Why did the toilet roll go down the hill?

  1. Auntie Hannah says:

    The image of you running with the parcel made me laugh…definitely need a picture of you doing more funny things please Nicki!

    Good luck – good luck – good luck! All my fingers are crossed ( I have 10 you know so thats a lot of crossing!) for the good news which we’re waiting for!

    I want you to start running and saying hello to people as you run please…do you need any ideas for t-shirts, how about we get you a nice t-shirt made with your sponsorship details on it so that if people see you running and feel sorry for you (haha) then they can sponsor you straight away?!


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