Men are from Mars?

Is it true? Do men really think differently to women on some fundamental level?

As you may know I’ve been lovingly handmaking heart shaped felt badges that people can buy from my fundraising page for a £2 donation, then I will post the badge to the loved one or friend of their choice. What could be better: you get to feel good for donating to a very good cause, and you make a friend happy by having something lovely sent to them.

Every girl I’ve spoken to about this has said it’s a great idea…

I phoned my brother earlier to ask his advice about plectrums, but managed to wangle the conversation round to my fundraising efforts:

Me: “Have you seen the heart badges I’m making?”
Matt: “Yeah…but I don’t really get who’s going to buy them.”
Me: “Well, quite a few girls have bought them to send to their friends, and I’m hoping that loads of blokes will buy their wives or girlfriends one, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up.”
Matt: [sounding baffled] “I don’t get it!”
Me: “Well, it’s a nice thing to do because it’s giving £2 to charity, and you’re getting something nice posted to a friend to show you’ve thought of them.”
Matt: “Do girls like that sort of thing then?”
Me: “Yes!”


I hadn’t thought about it before, but I have had a similar blank look from most of the men I’ve mentioned the badges to – I tested the theory further just now by asking my husband if he’d buy me one of the badges if it was someone else selling them for charity and he looked like a rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming truck, with eyes darting wildly round the room as he tried to work out what the right answer was, then eventually said “I possibly would. I don’t know if I definitely would.”*

How about we try an experiment: every man reading this go to and sponsor me £2, then email the details of the person you want the badge posted to and any personal message you want included to then let me know the reaction of the person when it arrives. I’m always really pleased when one of my friends posts me something, no matter what it is – let’s see if I’m the exception or the rule!

Oh yes, as this is meant to be a training blog for the (eek) London marathon please find herewith a training update [insert fanfare of your choice]: my bramble injuries are healing nicely and I’m sticking to the training plan. No sign of any of those elusive endorphins yet though and definitely no sign of me becoming addicted to running!


*When I asked my husband if he’d donate £2 if it meant he’d get a chocolate bar (that would normally cost 40p) through the post he said yes, no hesitation! Maybe that’s what I should start doing – anyone want to be my corporate sponsor and pay the postage if I start offering chocolate instead of badges? Email me at if you think it’s a good idea or you want to be my postage sponsor!

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