Running in the Rain

I almost enjoyed my training session today…except for the running bit that is. It rained the proverbial cats and dogs for the whole 30 minutes but knowing I could head straight home for a shower afterwards made it almost exhilarating (except for the actual running, did I mention that?). I happened to be running a little way behind someone else (and I was gaining on her which was an unusual feeling) which really spurred me on – a good thing for the marathon situation!

These are my 1 week old running shoes, complete with authentic mud splatters from real running. So far they’ve cost me about £10 per mile – I’ll recalculate that nearer to April 17th and let you know their true cost per mile.

Oh, I sustained my first real training injury today (if we discount the problems caused by my old trainers); I ran into a bramble. There I was, merrily running along and looking for excuses to stop when I saw a branch sticking out across the path. I tried to do a nimble dodge around it but failed…and when assorted little spikes stuck into my leg that’s when I realised it was a bramble. Luckily I was not mortally wounded and laughing at myself made the next half mile or so go more quickly!

Apologies for any typos caused by a missing ‘l’. This would be the reason:

(Any other typos are down to bad typing!)

Thanks for the use of your internet connection, Melons von Chickenhall – ours went down yesterday (when I started writing this post) and has not yet come back up. Grr!

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