Keep on Running!

Yeah, I’m back in the zone! Well, I’m heading towards the zone at an average speed of 5 MPH which is progress!

After a disasterous end to my training at the end of last week (painful calves caused by old running shoes, accompanied by much gnashing of teeth and wailing because I could barely walk, let alone run)  things are looking up. My new, properly fitted trainers are doing me proud, although I’m still running a bit tentatively because my calves haven’t yet forgiven me and still feel uncomfortably stiff, especially downhill. I ran (with a bit of walking) almost 3 miles today which is on track with the training plan, so YAY!

I am also now the proud owner of some compression clothing (ooooh). I did a bit of research (no, not Wikipedia…although I did use that to look up an episode guide to Glee earlier, should I admit to that?) and compression calf guards sounded like they might be a good thing. I bought them from (very impressive service – I only ordered them at the weekend with free delivery and they arrived today) and can’t wait to try them out.

Anyone want to make my day by sponsoring me £2 and getting a lovely felt brooch in return? All details are at

Who am I running for? It’s a charity called DebRA, who support families with children born with the genetic disease EB – basically, their skin doesn’t stick together properly and is damaged at the slightest touch, leading to painful blisters and open wounds. It may well be that you have never heard of either the illness or the charity, but they do amazing work and really do make a difference to the people they help. There’s a case study in my previous post if you want to find out more.

No photos or pictures today – looks a bit boring, doesn’t it? Anyone want to send me a nice drawing or photo to add to my next post? I’d love to hear from you at

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