Random acts of kindness

So, Christmas is behind us and everything’s back to normal – work, school, breaking New Year’s resolutions…

If anyone out there has had a boring or rubbish day, how about doing a random act of kindness* to end the day on a high?

By donating just £2 to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NickiClarkson you can raise money for the charity DebRA, and this is the reason why:


Isla Grist is two years old. Her parents can’t hug her in case they hurt her. Isla was carried around on a padded mattress for the first six weeks of her life, with almost no direct physical contact. Her feet are constantly bandaged. She screams in pain when her bandages are changed. She has to live with painful open wounds. Isla has Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare condition which causes her skin to blister at the slightest contact.

A £10 donation could buy a month’s supply of cooling mist spray to reduce the itch and discomfort in warm weather for an EB sufferer like Isla.

A £25 donation could pay for one hour of research to bring us closer to finding an effective treatment for EB.

Are you thinking that your £2 isn’t enough to make a difference? It definitely, definitely is and you should feel proud of yourself. And if you’d like a lasting reminder of how lovely you are, I’ll send you a homemade heartshaped badge that you can keep…or give to someone you love, which would be another lovely thing you’ve done!

(Ohhh, for those of you taking an interest in how my training’s going, check back tomorrow evening)

*Okay then, so it’s more a targeted act of kindness but you should still feel good about yourself!

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