I’ve had one of those days where I’ve veered wildly from being excited about running the marathon to being totally terrified that I won’t be able to complete it. This was sparked by yesterdays training run going according to plan (25 mins), but then I ran for 10 minutes today and had to hobble home with very painful calves…I definitely need new trainers! So I put the computer on to look up the running shop in Eastleigh and got distracted and started reading articles about marathon running – some of them are really encouraging, but I also read the comments people posted and there seems to be a lot of oneupmanship about the level of training that individuals are doing which is very disheartening to those of us (quite possibly only me) that are not at the same level!

However, I am following an official training plan, have ordered a new running t-shirt off t’internet (thanks for the voucher C, love you!) and as of Saturday will have properly fitting running shoes so I WILL be ready for the marathon, and I WILL complete it, and I will manage my hydration levels so I do not have to stop and wee in the gutter!

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