How to fool my legs…

Training update: did my 20 minutes this morning by reversing the circuit I have been doing. It’s far harder this way round! I was doing fine until I had 2 minutes to go then I inexplicably stopped running (and remember that when I say running I really mean jogging) and started walking instead. Admittedly it was uphill but I think the problem is a psychological one – my legs* know we’re close to home so don’t see the point of running. Luckily I have more cunning plans even than Baldrick, so from now on I will run in a random direction and make sure I’m not within 5 minutes of home when I complete my prescribed time. This could have a bonus positive effect: I might keep running for even longer to mean I have less far to walk home!

Apt songs on my playlist today, which has changed order thanks to me being inept on iTunes – Perseverance by Terrorvision followed by Run by Snow Patrol. I’m ashamed to admit that it was during Run that I slowed to a walk…

*You may remember that the ‘me’ part of me is all for running the marathon, showing commitment and determination and other positive things, whereas my legs act almost as independent entities with the attitude of sullen teenagers and slowing to a walk at any given opportunity. I asked them if they had any comment to make on this and they said “yeah, whatever, tell it to the hand“.

It being New Year’s Eve I will of course be attending many glittering parties later and not at all sitting at home watching TV, but I will try to find time to upload photos of more lovely brooches for you to buy!

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