What do dinosaurs eat for breakfast?


Ha ha ha?

Well I’m pleased to say that I am now officially following a proper marathon training plan to the letter. It’s one that the lovely people at DebRA kindly sent to me, based on the Runner’s World ‘get you round’ schedule 

I can proudly inform you that today I ran my allotted 20 mins with no complaining from my body until I reached the last 5 minutes. I expected to find it harder – maybe I have residual fitness left in me? Or maybe I caught my legs off guard. We’ll see…

What’s that you say? You could follow that programme without breaking a sweat? Then join me! Or if it makes you think that you should enter then marathon next year, go for it – I’ll sponsor you! Talking of sponsoring, here’s a reminder of why I’m running:


Please click on the link if you haven’t already seen the BBC Lifeline appeal, and feel free to post comments if it moves you. I would love it if you sponsored me – or how about asking a handful of friends to each sponsor me £1 and pass the link onto their friends? You can sponsor me here or find my sponsorship page by googling Virgin Money Giving and typing  ‘Nicki Clarkson’ in the find a friend box.

What was that…you’d like another joke? Okay then: what do you call a fairy that needs a bath? Stinkerbell!

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