SuperTed, PJ & Duncan, and pizza

Of the things that I remember,
From when I was just a kid,
Lego is up there near the top,
And reading What Katy Did.
Now that I’m a grown up,
I look back in soft focus,
At playing The Worst Witch endlessly,
And other hocus pocus.
TV had far fewer channels,
And they all shut down at night,
We watched cartoons in wonder,
Like He-Man and Rainbow Brite.
We did not have remote controls,
They had not been invented,
And the TV buttons were hard to press,
As though they’d been cemented.
My brother liked Wattoo Wattoo,
Hero birds from outer space.
A friend of mine liked SuperTed,
With Spotty giving chase.
As I grew older TV changed,
With programmes after school.
We’d watch until Newsround came on,
Then our attention span would fall.
PJ, Duncan, Byker Grove,
Videos were high tech,
Then came Saturday Morning TV,
With the lovely Ant and Dec.
And now I’m grown I seem to find,
The things I like to view,
Are mostly children’s programmes,
Just like I used to!
(Sorry H, couldn’t work out how to get plain cheese pizza in there!)
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One Response to SuperTed, PJ & Duncan, and pizza

  1. Auntie Hannah says:


    Wow Nicki – I can see where Dan gets his poetic side from! Loved the poem…you did so well encorporating so many of my favourite things, even got in there Rainbow Brite!!

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