The Ashes!

Thank you Keith for requesting a blog post about England winning the Ashes – you know how much I like golf…I mean cricket. Of course it’s cricket, I know that really*

There are some aspects of cricket that I like: sitting watching it in the sun while eating a picnic and reading a good book, cheering when Hampshire win (and they will always be the Hawks to me!), holding up the 4 or 6 card (when everyone else does, just to make sure I don’t get it wrong), turning it over when it comes on TV…

Okay, okay, I confess. I don’t like cricket very much. I think the terminology is silly, the rules about when a game is a draw are silly, the fact they waste so much time is annoying, and the fact that both teams wear white makes it hard to work out which team to cheer for. Also I’m not sure that they should award them extra runs for hitting the ball into the crowd – surely that’s dangerous and they should be penalised instead? Plus how can they not be ashamed of themselves for phoning in sick if they’ve hurt their thumb instead of playing on like a man (you know who you are, Nassar…)

So, back to the Ashes. Go England, woop woop! They’ve played some games and have got some more to go…

…I’ve got a better idea than this – if anyone knows anything about cricket please will you write something credible and I’ll post it here and give you full credit. In the meantime though, here’s a nice cricket picture for you. There’s a prize for the first person to name both of the players correctly, send your answers to

Some people playing cricket recently

*it is cricket, right?

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One Response to The Ashes!

  1. Husband says:

    Head in hands…

    Laughing and crying. 10 years (tears?) of cricketing education…

    Ask Dan who the players are!!

    You’re clever and funny and I’m proud of you xx

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