Back on track (peep peep!)

Other than a hacking cough I’m feeling okay now and went for a run today, my first for 6 days. It was brilliant! I was expecting to be sluggish and struggle but I think my body liked having a 6 day rest – I was in the zone, man. Hope it continues next time I run.

What’s with the peep peep? I spend too much time playing Thomas the Tank Engine games so Thomas-related phrases spring to mind far too readily! My favourite is Train Football, perfect for that afternoon (or morning) slump when you want to have a nice sit down and not put any mental or physical effort into playing with your 3 year old but don’t want them to realise it: you have a couple of toy engines each, sit at opposite sides of the room, and push a ball back and forwards between you, using the engines to do the pushing. This evolved from Dinosaur Football, which was my slump-game when my son was younger (yep, you’ve got it – toy dinosaurs instead of trains). Not that I’m suggesting that trains evolved from dinosaurs, of course…except for Diesel 10 maybe…

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