Running in the snow!

Most excited about the idea of going for a run with the snow falling this morning, even if it was only a tiny flurry and didn’t lay (I know I should be pleased about that, but part of me would love proper snow, just for a day or 2).  I did the same route as last week, and ran halfway up Foord Road (progress!) and my legs feel fine, phew. There’s a lot of conflicting advice about when you should do stretches – some say before running, others say after but not before, others say both. I’m going for stretching after I run but I’m happy to hear other opinions if you want to get in touch.

The Me v Legs conversation continued as normal while I was running earlier:

Me: I’ll run to that streetlight then slow down and walk for a bit.
Legs: Do you mean this streetlight? Ok, we’ll stop now. Yay!
Me: No, no, no, why have you stopped? The streetlight is way ahead still.
Legs: Ah, we thought you meant that streetlight right next to us.
Me: Do you mean that blade of grass?
Legs: Oh, is it grass? We thought it was a streetlight. Our mistake. Oh well, shall we just carry on walking for a bit now anyway?
Me: No! Get running!
Legs: Mutter mutter mutter… 
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