Music to run to, dooby dooby doo…

I do like listening to music when I run. Until recently I was putting the iPod onto shuffle which threw up some interesting song combinations: Manics, then Whigfield, then Bob the Builder, then Oasis, then Chumbawumba, then Snow Patrol, then Dizzee, then Village People, then Boyzone….Boyzone?? How did that get on there? Altogether now “Don’t love me for fun girl, let me be the one girl…”

I’ve changed my music strategy now and have created a running playlist. There were 2 reasons for this: firstly, I wanted to eliminate some songs because they are really hard to run to (try running to Agadoo without doing the actions – it’s impossible!), and secondly having a fixed playlist will encourage me to run further so I get to hear songs that are further down the list.

So, what’s on the list? How many of these can you identify from their lyrics:

(Starting you with an easy one…)

1) Stop, collaborate and listen

2) These streets will make you feel brand new

3) What’s that coming over the hill

4) She leaves me roses by the stairs

5) Oops I’ve got a lot of money

6) Scoop Muck and Dizzy, Roley too

7) She said “I think I remember the film”

8) Ribena, know what you’re drinking

9) And I taped all the songs straight off the radio

10) Due to lack of interest tomorrow is cancelled

11) Where you drink Champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola

Enough?? How many did you get? Let me know if you want more, or if you’ve got some to suggest! (Also if you’d like to draw me a picture to put in my next post that would be much appreciated as my artistic talent seems to be AWOL. Please send your masterpieces to )

Ah, I like the way WordPress changed my 8 followed by a bracket into a nice friendly smiley 8)

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