Slight hiccup on the training front this week – I did a really good run on Wednesday morning (except for Foord Road which is so much steeper than it looks when you drive along it, so might have walked up a bit of it. Or all of it maybe), and felt incredibly enthusiastic when I got home. Then on Thursday morning my lower legs hurt, and not in a good muscle-exercise way, but in a bad, bad, have-I-done-some-damage way.

So I haven’t run since then and they feel much better now and after a few more days rest I will tackle Foord Road properly!

I will also post my training schedule on here so that I am forced to stick to it. I’m following a marathon training plan downloaded from t’internet – anyone want to join me?

Of course there is the chance that going running will be hampered by snow next week which is quite an exciting prospect! I was hoping that it would snow today when I didn’t have to drive anywhere but sadly it was not to be.

Both of my children have randomly been sick in their beds tonight (during X Factor, grr) which is very unusual and I’m hoping is to do with them having coughs rather than a sickness bug. Much washing of my hands is going on to get rid of any nasty bugs lurking around, and much running upstairs every few minutes to check on the children…ooh, wonder if that counts as training? Poor little nippers, hope they’re not properly poorly.

On that note, think I’ll leave you and nip upstairs again.

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2 Responses to Hiccup

  1. Auntie Hannah says:

    Running up and down the stairs defintely counts as training! Just hope you don’t have to do it too much because of poorly babies!

    I suggest you leave the TV remote upstairs, then whenever there’s a dodgy performance on X Factor you have to run all the way upstairs to change channels!!

    • Is there any way that eating a giant bag of Nando’s Peri-Peri crisps can be counted as training too?? Babies are much better, just got coughs and colds. Good plan with the remote control!

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