The 3 T’s

Marathon preparation. Currently defined as transforming myself from a hedgehog-type (slow, lethargic when it’s cold, likes to eat then sleep through dark nights and inconvenient weather) into something more resembling a tiger (powerful, fast, sleek. But maybe not as stripey).

Wow, I hear you marvel, how will this veritable metamorphosis occur? Does it involve a cocoon, or surgery? Nay my friends, this is where The Three T’s comes in:

1) Training (physical)

2) Training (mental)

3) Twix. No, no, no, that’s not it. It is of course…

3) Tea.

T #1 is fairly self-explanatory: I need to be able to run for 26 miles without collapsing and that involves a lot of physical exercise. I’m going for the cross-training approach, partly because it seems to be a sensible strategy to do different types of exercise to stave off boredom (mostly swimming, jogging, biking at the gym and going on the see-saw at the playground – harder than it sounds if it’s you at one end v a considerably lighter 3 or 5 year old at the other end!), and partly because I’m really worried about injuring myself if I run too much too soon and not being able to do the marathon which would be a Bad Thing.

T #2 is the positive mental attitude bit. Running the marathon is an immensely daunting prospect for me – the furthest I’ve run before is 10 miles (in the Great South Run) and that was 4 years ago, and you may be able to tell from my tone that I do not find running easy. However, there is no doubt in my mind that I WILL be fit enough to complete the race because I would be ashamed of myself forever more if I didn’t put in the training that I need to. The aspect of the marathon that is weighing on my mind more than the actual running (although that will come as the time draws closer!) is the fundraising. I so badly want to raise as much as I can for DebRA and not let any opportunity pass me by. If you can think of any clever fundraising plans, please send me a comment. And* if you know anyone who might be interested in reading my blog, or interviewing me, or donating to my fundraising page  please shout it to them from the rooftops. Twitter, Facebook, old-fashioned email, even older-fashioned phoning people, I would so appreciate anything you do.

That brings me to T #3, which is of course tea. Lovely, lovely cups of tea. Well, I can’t be out running all the time, can’t I? I never used to drink tea but now my innate Britishness is pushing its way to the fore. But* tea (or coffee) is more than a nice chance to sit down and do nothing for a few minutes, it’s social glue. It’s like a non-virtual (hang on, I think there’s a word for that) Facebook, a good excuse to invite people round or pop round to see them, or sit and chat with work colleagues (and maybe ask them to sponsor me). I like tea. Tea is good.

Nice cup of tea

I need to take some photos! What would you like to see pictures of? Sadly there aren’t any of me running as I go so fast I’m just a blur in all the pics…

I would love to hear any comments or advice or fundraising ideas you have. (I would also love to have any Twix or other nice things anyone would like to send me…)

*Mum, if you’re reading, I know one should not begin a sentence with And or But. But sometimes I think it works okay.

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