Go Nicki, go Nicki!

146 days to the London Marathon (I didn’t work that out, it tells me on and I was hoping that by now the endorphins would start kicking in and I’d be loving every minute of running. Ha ha ha. In fact, ha ha ha ha ha HA!

Alas I am not a natural runner – I’m not a long, lean running machine with muscles of steel. I do not run like the wind. I do not run like a bat out of hell. I am not running just as fast as I can, holding on to one anothers hand (who among you is the right age to get that reference?). I am fairly determined and stubborn though so I have no doubt I will have the fitness, technique and stamina to complete the marathon. Eventually. Because when I say running, I really mean jogging. Is there a minimum speed that you have to go for it to be classed as running? Might have to look that one up on Wikipedia…

Hopefully in 5 months time I’ll look back on this and laugh, as I effortlessly cover 26 miles in under 5 hours, but if anyone fancies sending me some over-the-top, American-style cheering on then please do!

This is me

(My 3 year old daughter took this photo. Good, no??)

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