So, the marathon…

The thing about running is that I think I like doing it…until I actually do it. It’s only then that I remember it’s hard work, hard work, hard work, and boring! I’m in a constant battle between my brain (“keep going, you can do it”) and my legs (“are we there yet? When can we stop? We’re bored and want to go home”).

I have to say that my brain (the ‘me’ part of me) keeps coming round to the leg point of view. And then I remember why I’m running. I have pledged to raise £3000 for DebRA, an amazing charity that helps babies, children and adults affected by the genetic condition EB that causes painful blisters both to the skin and the inside of the body.

DebRA was featured in a BBC Lifeline appeal today and I am so glad I’m able to help the amazing work they do to make life better for people.

How am I going to raise £3000? Well, the first part of the plan is that I am lovingly handmaking felt brooches (or badges, for the men among you) and posting them out to people in return for a £2.50 donation to my Virgin Moneygiving page

The brooches look like this:

Please buy one!


Please tell all your friends about this – it would be amazing to have even one person buy a badge as a result of this blog! If you even donate a small amount it would be fantastic and you should feel very proud of yourself. Maybe, maybe I’ll get to the stage where I’ve sold hundreds and will end up on This Morning!

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