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Running in the snow!

Most excited about the idea of going for a run with the snow falling this morning, even if it was only a tiny flurry and didn’t lay (I know I should be pleased about that, but part of me would … Continue reading

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Music to run to, dooby dooby doo…

I do like listening to music when I run. Until recently I was putting the iPod onto shuffle which threw up some interesting song combinations: Manics, then Whigfield, then Bob the Builder, then Oasis, then Chumbawumba, then Snow Patrol, then … Continue reading

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Slight hiccup on the training front this week – I did a really good run on Wednesday morning (except for Foord Road which is so much steeper than it looks when you drive along it, so might have walked up … Continue reading

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The 3 T’s

Marathon preparation. Currently defined as transforming myself from a hedgehog-type (slow, lethargic when it’s cold, likes to eat then sleep through dark nights and inconvenient weather) into something more resembling a tiger (powerful, fast, sleek. But maybe not as stripey). Wow, … Continue reading

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Anonymous donation!

Ooh, how exciting – someone has made an anonymous donation to my online site  to raise money for the amazing charity DebRA. Who could it be? Thank you so much, whoever you are!

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Go Nicki, go Nicki! 146 days to the London Marathon (I didn’t work that out, it tells me on and I was hoping that by now the endorphins would start kicking in and I’d be loving every minute of … Continue reading

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So, the marathon…

The thing about running is that I think I like doing it…until I actually do it. It’s only then that I remember it’s hard work, hard work, hard work, and boring! I’m in a constant battle between my brain (“keep … Continue reading

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